F & Q

  1. Which payments do you accept ?

    WestUnion, Bank Transfer, unistream

  2. How much should i pay ?

    The invoice sheet will calculate the fees automatically.

  3. Is service fee negotiated?

    No. Now will just charge 5% service fee which is the lowest among taobao agents

  4. Where you can delivery?

    almost all over the worlds.

  5. Which shipping do you use?

    1.EMS (http://www.ems.com.cn/)
    2.China Airmail Post
    3.DHL, UPS, Fedex, TNT.....

  6. How long it takes for my parcels to be ready to ship out?

    Processing time is depends on many factors: item available, taobao seller response, and which kinds of items you purchased, and the domestic shipping time.
    We will complete your order as soon as possible. Normally, it need 5-7 working days.

  7. How long it takes for for packages to arrive?

    EMS usually take 5-7 working days to arrive China Airmail Post usually take 15-30 working days mean while.

  8. Is there insurance for my package?

    It is optional, If you choose insurance, it charge 5% of the whole price.

  9. How about items I paid but not available ?

    You can choose other items, and if you don't want to, the fee will be used as part of international shipping fee.

  10. I bought multi-items from same seller, could domestic shipping fee combined?

    It depends on taobao seller and which kinds of products you purchased, mostly we will combine the shipping for you.

  11. If for some reason, I want to cancel my order, is it ok?

    that's ok if we haven't bought the order yet . but if we have ordered the items from taobao seller, and seller refuses to refund, that items fee will not be refundable. If seller agree to refund, you need to pay for the domestic shipping.

  12. What's about package broken during shipping?

    we strong suggest you check the package before sign for the delivery sheet from post office. If item broken, do not sign it. And if you choose insurance, we can give you some compensation.

  13. What to do, if some items or the package confiscation or disposal of items by custom due to violation of import/export law?

    We are not responsible in the case of confiscation or disposal of items by customs due to violation of import/export law. There is not compensation for this. You should get familiar with your country's custom rules.

  14. If I didn't get my parcel, what should I do?

    Please track your parcel status according to the tracking number we give you. If the parcel has reached your country several days ago, please contact the local EMS company for more information. If the parcel was lost or sent back to China, please contact us immediately.

  15. Do you guarantee the quality of items I bought?

    Sorry, We don't guarantee the quality of your items. If there is any problem with the item, we are glad to help you to negotiate with the seller, but will not be responsible for it. ONLY the mistake caused by our staff will be the reason to ask for replacement or refund.

  16. From which site can you purchase?

    We can purchase from www.taobao.com , www.paipai.com and www.eachnet.com or other online sites you know.

  17. Which products can you purchase?

    Many kinds of. Clothes, Shoes, Toys, Electronics, Computers, CD/DVD, Stamps, Foods, Game Box...

  18. Where do your customers come from?

    Customers are from all over the worlds, Russia , Ukraine , Spain, US, UK, JP, Korean, CA ...

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