Taobao will have a big promotion on Nov.11th!

  • Dear Customers,

    There is a good news! Taobao's offical site will have a big promotion on 11.11.2013 (Beijing time)!

    Many taobao sellers will provide a 50% discount or other kind of discount.

    It will be very profitalbe if you make new orders and buy items that day.

    what should you do if want to buy at discount price on 11.11?

    1 you can now search "1111" in taobao to check items which will have a discount then.

    2 choose items and send the orders to us before 11.11

    3 prepay the money, you can send money with estimated cost, if is not engough in the end, it can be paid with shipping fee. if have extra money, it can be used as shipping fee.

    Or you can pay money after we check the order price for you. ( but in weekend, we won't be online to check orders or answer questions)

    4 tell us the order must be bought on 11.11 with discount price

    5 be online that day to receive feedback

    We promise we will finish buying all the orders on 11.11. Just be sure send orders to us and pay for them before that day! Bank transfer, contact, unistream need 1-2 days to receive, so please send money 2 days in advance!

    It will be a pity if you didn't catch up this promotion on 11.11. But don't be sad if you missed this chance. many shop's discount activities will last 7-10 days. You can still find many good items with cheap price in that period. Good luck :)



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